DIY Wall Mirror with Shelf

Perhaps you have already fallen in love with these beautiful, large, round design mirrors sunk into the board that you sometimes notice on Pinterest or in the living magazine. In any case, they inspired my DIY mirror project. However, since I couldn’t really shop for materials in Corona times, I gathered almost all the items for the project from my inventory. For example, we had a wooden serving board that was used as a gift box for a thank you present from the husband. I once bought the oval mirror for a DIY, but it didn’t come about after all.

Materials used:

  • Wooden board (oblong serving board, approx. 40 cm x 10 cm)
  • Oval mirror (round is also possible, of course)
  • White wood paint
  • Sandpaper or sander
  • Damp cloth
  • Saw
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Drill with stone and wood bits
  • Paintbrush
  • Shelf support (size depending on the size of the board)
  • Screws for fastening
  • Dowels for the wall screws

This is how you build the oval wall mirror with storage space

First of all I sawed the serving board to size, that is, the round side was just sawn off. Then I sanded the board thoroughly and cleaned it of dust and dirt.

Next you have to determine how deep the mirror should be inserted through the board. So measure how wide the mirror is at the lower quarter. This is the width for the slot.

Marks the place for the slot on the wood. I removed it about 1 cm from the edge, in the middle of the board.

Then choose a drill bit that is about as wide as the mirror is thick. The slot in the wooden board must of course not be thinner than the mirror, but also not too thick so that the mirror can wobble forwards and backwards.

Then first drill two holes at the end and the beginning of the slot and then saw out the slot with the saw until the mirror can be pushed through.

Then the board can be painted. I applied the whitewash paintalong the grain with your brush. Don’t forget the sides and front either. After drying, you can carefully roughen the board again and apply a second and third layer of paint until you like the color result. Then let the board dry well and also check that the crack is not covered with paint.

Then the board can be screwed to the shelf support and mounted on the wall with the wall screws and dowels. Finally you put the mirror in. The new bathroom mirror is ready.